Marlo Fisken, Maddie Sparkle, Marion Crampe & Kenneth Kao are also available for privates.



Pole Flow® - SOLD OUT

When your movement, awareness and rhythm merge you start to Flow. This all levels pole workshop will focus on connecting combinations of spins to seamless, always-moving floorwork. *Pants are recommended

Pole Flow® Rotations: the Art of Aerial Spinning on a Static Pole - SOLD OUT

Learn Marlo’s subtle hand, leg, and alignment techniques that can make your aerial transitions flow and rotate. This workshop will provide you with tools to make your static pole deceivingly seamless. Appropriate for intermediate-advanced dancers.

Signature Moves - SOLD OUT

Learn Marlo's favorite spin and static creations. This workshop includes a variety of spins, climbs, holds, transitions, drops, and unique sequences. Appropriate for intermediate-advanced dancers.

Improv and Pole Choreography Workshop

This workshop will use a variety of creative tools to help students OWN their movement. Learn to make movement, get past creative blocks, and diversify your style. We will explore different ways to improvise and understand our own movement. Please bring a video camera. For intermediate to advanced pole dancers.



This workshop will bring you closer to your flexibility potential. In class, Marlo will cue you through movements that increase your body knowledge and strengthen your training mindset. The skills learned in this workshop will lead to increased flexibility and freedom in movement. Open to all levels.

Off the Pole Inversions

This fun and energizing workshop teaches numerous ways to train, progress, and modify shoulderstands, arm balances, headstands, forearm stands, and handstands. Off the pole inversions are an important training tool for pole dancers to develop strength, balance, awareness and flexibility. Open to all levels.

Strength, Grace & Lines - SOLD OUT

Bodyweight conditioning can be beautiful. In this workshop, you will simultaneously challenge your total body flexibility and power. You are guaranteed to sweat in this class that will perfectly complement your pole training. Open to all levels.

WTF2: Exotic Breakdance Edition

This workshop is a few steps wilder that WTF...Work the Floor. What would it look like if you could add breakdance-inspired footwork, threading, freezes, and momentum techniques to your sexy floor work? It would looking freaking awesome. Bring your beanie and get ready to learn some next-level floor work. Note: It is super important to cover your shoulders, back, and knees for this class. Rugburns are a buzz kill.




Twisted Grip & Cup Grip - SOLD OUT

Learn the fundamentals of cup grip and twisted grip spins, combos, lifts and holds. Shimmy will teach you her signature strength training progression, to help you develop your strength for the elusive Twisted Grip and Cup Grip Dead Lifts! We will work on a variety of tricks and combos using twisted grip and cup grip.

Spinning tricks & combos

In this workshop, Shimmy will teach you some of her signature combos and tricks to incorporate into your own performances and training. Shimmy’s signature tricks include unusual grips, power moves and plenty of spinning. Shimmy will teach you how to control your spinning momentum.

Handstands on the Pole and Floor - SOLD OUT

Handstand training is really important for developing core strength and control for pole. In this workshop, Shimmy will teach the basics of headstands, handstands, elbow stands and press up handstands, both on the pole and freestanding. You will learn how to use your new skills in your pole and floor work.

Dirty, Sexy Floorwork

Learn how to get down and dirty in the sexiest way with this workshop. Shimmy’s floorwork style is sexy, sensual and acrobatic. Shimmy will teach you the basics of sexy floorwork, and you will learn a fully choreographed routine. Bring leg warmers and heels (maybe even knee pads if you’re a bit sensitive!). No pole required for this workshop.

Booty Workshop

Get ready to sweat! Shimmy’s Booty Workshops are world famous. In this fast-paced, high-energy workshop you will learn how to shake and twerk your booty in ways you never knew you could. Booty dancing is harder than it looks, as well as a great workout and a lot of fun. Learn to love the wobble and embrace your booty!

Lap Dance and Acro Lap dance

Discover your naughty side and take a lap dance class with Shimmy... learn all the tricks you need to put together a fun and sexy lap routine. If you’re feeling adventurous, give acro- lap a try, and learn to put headstands, backbends and drop splits into your lap routines.

Backbending for beginners/inter

Shimmy has worked hard to increase her back flexibility. Learn how she did it in this workshop, designed for students with very little back flexibility. Shimmy will take you through a variety of stretches and show you how to progress from a block of wood to a sexy back bender!




Spinning tricks & combos - SOLD OUT

Learn some of Maddie’s signature tricks and combos in this workshop. Maddie specialises in incorporating splits into pole tricks, and coming up with interesting transitions to combine new moves. Maddie is a master of the spinning pole, and Maddie’s style of dance will bring out the sexy pole dancer in every student ;-)

Frou frou, dance & floor work

In this workshop, Maddie will teach you a short routine from start to finish. Including body rolls, spins and floorwork. In this workshop Maddie will focus on how to make your routine look polished and pretty. Maddie will work on transitions moving from pole move to pole move in a sexy and flowing way.

Split tricks on the pole with Maddie - SOLD OUT

Learn some of Maddie’s training techniques on how to make your split perfect. In this workshop Maddie will go over many stretching exercises to make your split flatter and some pole splits too.

Maddie's Allover body stretch

In this workshop learn how to stretch your back, hips and legs as preparation for some of the more difficult pole moves. She will also teach some of her floorwork basics.

Strength tricks on the pole - SOLD OUT

In this workshop, Maddie will go over basic strength techniques on how to build up enough strength to perform difficult tricks like the iron X. Maddie will show you how to build up strength by doing some easy conditioning exercises each day.




Easy Can Look Hard

Here's the thing about Acrobatic Pole. It uses momentum and commitment to make things happen. It's fancy, and often scary, but the truth is that with the right progressions, many moves become easy and safer than you’d think. Contained within this workshop are the flashy moves made simple. These are the crowd pleasers, the dramatic poses, the wow factors. And the best part? This is the actually the stuff that gives you the time to breathe. This is an intermediate level and up workshop.